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Norpe Saunas UK is a leading supplier of infrared, home, garden, diy and commercial saunas.

Norpe Saunas is a family business which began by supplying top quality Finnish saunas at competitive prices in 1968. We have now expanded our range to include Norpe Infrared; infrared saunas which are superbly built using luxurious Canadian Hemlock panelling walls and fittings. They are suitable for any area of your home and are delivered right to your door.

Norpe Infrared can assist with the supply, installation and maintenance of complete indoor and outdoor sauna suites - infrared, traditional Finnish and contemporary steam sauna rooms. Norpe Infrared offer a complete solution at affordable prices.

We also have an accessory range to complement your sauna, for the best deal on any size or type of sauna, sauna heater, control box, replacement element or accessory contact us.

Infrared radiation is renowned for its improvement to the blood circulation, increasing the immune system and helping to relax tired muscles. It can also bring relief to various ailments.

Please explore our websites to see our superior range of:

Norpe Helo Infrared saunas from 3,140,
Norpe Traditional saunas from 2,447,
Norpe Helo Traditional Finnish sauna stoves from 314,
Replacement elements and quality sauna accessories.

Why not ask about the Helo range of steam showers, steam rooms, steam generators and bathroom spas?


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